The following terms and conditions apply to each visitor and/or user and/or client of IntelStyle.

The contents of IntelStyle are available to everyone for personal reference only and are not allowed to reproduce in any manner in whole or in part.
IntelStyle reserves the right to:

1. Add, edit, remove and/or redesign anything contained in or on it at any time; and

2. To revoke or limit access to IntelStyle at any time.

It is not necessary for any client to have signed an acceptance of our terms and conditions to apply to them. When a client accepts a quote then the client will be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and have accepted these terms and conditions in full.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and any purchase and use of IntelStyle services implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Our prices are defined in the project proposal that the client receives via e-mail, price via text message or price on the phone. Our proposals/quotes/prices are valid for a period of 30 days and we have the right to alter or decline to provide a new proposal after this 30 days period.

Client has to pay full payment in advance if the total cost of the project is less then £3,000 (pound) before any work is supplied to the client for review.
If a project cost is £3,000+ (pound) then the client has to pay 50 percent payment in advance of the project quotation total amount before any work is supplied to the client for review. A second payment of 50 percent is required after approving the first design. Upon completion of the project the website/service will be uploaded to the server or release of materials.

All our created projects will have a ‘Website Design by’ tag in the footer of the website on every page with a link to website. All those projects that we change the ‘look and feel’ and or functionality of the website by 51% will also have a ‘Website Design by IntelStyle’ tag in the footer of the website on every page with links to website and any other website design agency tags will be removed.

Agreed Design:
We will show a temporary design to the client and when the design is agreed by the client then we will develop that design to convert it to a website and finally the website will be uploaded once the project is completed.

Turnaround time:
We will install the website and will be publicly available by the date specified in the project proposal, or at date agreed with client upon IntelStyle receiving initial payment, unless a delay is requested by the client and agreed by IntelStyle.

During the project the client has to provide content for the website such as text, images, videos and sound files. All the content must be provided by the client within one week of project commencement; else client will be responsible for any delay in project deadline and there will be a 25 percent surcharge for the delay in providing the content on time and if the project deadline is within a week then the client has to provide all the content before the project commencement. Client has to provide proofread content and correct images and videos and IntelStyle will use it as it is, if the client asks for any changes in their provided content including replacing images and videos there will be a surcharge for this work, and the charge depends on the changes requested by the client. Client will be responsible for copyright infringement content such as text, images, videos, sound etc.

Text content should be provided as a Microsoft Word document with the correct headings normal text paragraphs. Using our content management system you will be able to add new content and edit or delete existing content.

If the client want to terminate the service; the client must request this in a written notice and will be effective on receipt of such notice. E-mail or telephone requests for termination process will not be effective.
If the client terminates a project before it has been started which is the next day of the initial payment, then there will be a 30% deduction from the payment as the administration charges and the time given to the client to clarity client’s confusions and give ideas.

If the client terminates a project which has been started and the development has been done less than 50% then there will be a 50% deduction from the payment and if the development has been done more then 50% then client has to pay full payment for the project.